Welcome to SixCase

SixCase is a high secured AED wall-cabinet that is produced by GT Medicare B.V.

The AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is an important device for primary help in case of a cardiac arrest. It is of a vital importance that the AED is protected, secured and available 24/7 for immediate assistance.

The SixCase cabinet gives the ultimate protection and supplies day and night availability for the AED.

The SixCase series

Two types of SixCase are available:

SC1330/1430 AED Cabinet with red emergency button
SC1330/1430 AED Cabinet with touchscreen code

Both series SC1330/1440 and SC1340/1440 are compatible for indoor and outdoor use. The main distinction of the series SC1330/1440 and SC1340/1440 is in the method of how the cabinet is opened.


SixCase functionality

After entering the code or pushing the red button the cabinet opens automatically (AED bracket lowers by gravity). SixCase is the only cabinet with these types of Quick Release Lock and optional mechanical lock.

Who is the  SixCase producer?

SixCase.com is part of Global Technics Medicare B.V. and started producing cabinets in 2009.

Global Technics Medicare B.V.  invents, designs and produces medical products. It is our philosophy to develop innovative and durable products, which add a substantial value to its environment. Along the SixCase AED cabinet our company developed the Alyna, an electrical driven Intensive Care Trolley and the Atife Alert System for the elderly care.