AED Monitor EN


AED Monitor will do the following for you:​

Increase the chance of a succesfull reanimation

The sophisticated warning system will automatically inform the AED owner real time when the cabinet is opened or the AED is taken out of the cabinet. Local qualified first responders can be informed to assist with reanimation. Time is crucial!

Save time for the AED owner

If you are a municipality or local organization with several AEDs under your control, you probably spend quite a bit of time to visit the physical location of these AEDS to check if everything is still functioning as it should be. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do this from your chair at home with minimum time spent? With the smart sensor of the AED Monitoring system, you can make sure that the AEDs are safely stored in their cabinets and that the heating and cooling systems of the cabinet are functioning. More important: you can do this from any place in the world!

AED Monitor also has a convenient AED maintenance system built in. Once set up, you will receive automatic warning when the AED pads or AED battery need to be replaced. All data are stored on a central server and can be accessed from any place. So no more local excel files with out of date lists.

Increase availability of the AED

An AED with dried out pads or a dead battery is not much of a help. Statistics indicate that more than half of the public AEDs cannot be used, because they are not properly maintained.

Moreover, some outdoor cabinets have a poor reputation when it comes to their core function: keeping the AED safely within the storage conditions specified by the AED manufacturer. Overheated AED pads dry out and will not function when required. With frozen electronics or batteries, the manufacturer will not guarantee the functionality of the AED. The AED monitoring system continuously measures the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet, stores these data and provides warnings if storage conditions are not what they should be.

You will better understand the significance of this when you take a look at our AED cabinet Winter tests and Summer tests 

Provide insight in the effectiveness of the AED

Did you ever wonder what are the best locations for your AEDs? Obviously, you have made a first educated guess where to position them and in most cases this will be accurate. Having insight in the actual usage of each of the different AEDs will provide valuable information. AED monitor will provide you with historic listings of when the cabinets have been opened or the AED has been removed from the cabinet.

AEDs that are frequently used are obviously well placed. If a particular AED has never been used, it may just be local luck, or there may be another reason. Well placed AEDs will save more lives.

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